Honeybee Cloths - Sewing supplies for busy bees - free patterns - easy  to sew pre-cuts. Pretty cotton prints - fresh cut off the bolt, patterns & notions.

Sewing supplies for busy bees - free patterns - easy to sew pre-cuts - Pretty cotton prints - fresh cut off the bolt - patterns & notions.

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Sewing supplies for busy bees, easy to sew pre-cuts. Pretty cotton prints, fresh cut off the bolt, patterns & notions.
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No sewing machine needed for these neat little hand sewn hexagons. So versatile they can be sewn anywhere, and made into anything – from pincushions to full size quilts!


To make the hexagons, you will need:

•    Pins, needle, and a reel of thread.

•    Pencil, paper and scissors

•    Cotton fabric remnants

•“   Cut Out and Keep” cardboard template - Free with all Honeybee Cloths Orders.

     Or download hexagon pattern and instructions here (.pdf file)



1. Cut out your cut out and keep hexagon template. (Keep the surrounding postcard, this can be put to good use as a window for selecting specific motifs for fussy cut piecing.)










2.  Pin paper hexagons to the wrong side of fabric. Cut out leaving (0.5cm) ¼” turn-up all the way around the edge of the paper hexagon.










TIP: Some patterns (like the kitty pattern below) lend themselves to fussy cutting, where you select and cut out a specific motif. Use your cut out and keep postcard as a window in helping select the best bits of the pattern for fussy cutting.











4. Turn over the 0.5cm (¼”) allowance and tack.











5. Now you can join your hexagons together. Select one hexagon for the centre and place on top of another hexagon right side together. Using an over stitch sew along the straight edge (Photo i). Line up the next hexie (Photo ii). Place on top of the centre hexagon and sew along the next straight edge (Photo iii). Repeat until you have 6 hexies sewn around the hexagon at the centre (Photo iv).









Photo i                                        Photo ii                                   Photo iii


6. To complete your hexagon unit sew along the remaining open edges (Photo iv).


Your hexagon unit is ready to be joined by other little hexagons ....











Join them up into a pincushion, tea cosy or cushion. Once you've sewn all your hexies together, remove the tacking stitches and paper templates, which are ready to use in your next hexagon project....


Perhaps it’s the beginning of something much bigger…a cot quilt? Bedspread or throw....happiness is hexagon shaped!


For a few ideas which show how you can use your hexagons, visit our Pinterest page – “Happiness is hexagon shaped” at www.pinterest.com/honeybeecloths


Happy sewing x

Handy hexagons 1

Prepare seven paper hexagons using the hexagon template.

Re-use old envelopes to save on paper, and line up each hexagon in a honeycomb pattern.

Handy hexagons3 Handy hexagons4 Handy hexagons5 Handy hexagons6 Handy hexagons7 Handy hexagons8

Free "Handy Hexagon Cut Out & Keep" template

Place material below window template, move template over the fabric to select motif.


Using a water soluble pencil or pen, draw round the inside of the hexagon window. Cut out hexagon leaving 1/4" around the edge. Pin paper hexagon to wrong side of fabric.

Handy hexagons2

Photo iv

Handy hexagons10 Handy hexagons11 Honeybeelogo_160x141px