Honeybee Cloths - Sewing supplies for busy bees - free patterns - easy  to sew pre-cuts. Pretty cotton prints - fresh cut off the bolt, patterns & notions.

Sewing supplies for busy bees - free patterns - easy to sew pre-cuts - Pretty cotton prints - fresh cut off the bolt - patterns & notions.

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Sewing supplies for busy bees, easy to sew pre-cuts. Pretty cotton prints, fresh cut off the bolt, patterns & notions.
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For your quilt you will need:

Parcels: Nine 10” x 10” fabric square

Parcel ribbon: Nine 21½” x 2 ½” fabric strip

For parcel tags: Off white fabric and embroidery floss OR 1 sheet of EQ Printable cotton.

Sashing: Four strips  2 ½” x 44" (approx 6.5cm x 110cm) cotton fabric.

Backing:  44" x 44" (110cm x 110cm) - Aneela Hoey's little parcels print.

Binding:  Four strips 2½” x 44" ( approx 6.5cm x 110cm) cotton fabric.

Wadding: 45" x 45" (approx 115cm x 115cm) wadding.


Notions: Sew All thread for piecing. Quilting thread.


Equipment: Sewing machine; Rotary cutter, ruler and mat; Iron; Pins and needle.


The Packages Tied Up With String Quilt opposite is made from  Aneela Hoey's Cherry Christmas, one of the cutest festive collections ever - clotheslines of reindeer sweaters and stripy socks!


Each parcel block uses a 10" square, so it's perfect for using up surplus Layer Cake squares. Blocks are pieced very quickly, and machine quilting around each parcel helps make them stand out.  


Skill level: Intermediate


Completed Quilt measures: 44" x 44" (112cm x 112cm)








To make parcel block 

Take each 10” x 10” square, and cut a strip at least 2 ½” wide from left hand edge, and at least 2 ½” from the top edge.


Vary the width of the strips to make the parcels a little different from each other.






Select one of the strips for the parcel ribbon and cut into 2 lengths:  11½" (to fit across the parcel) and 10" (to fit down the parcel).


Spread the parcel pieces out, and cut the 10" strip in two, so that  it is the same length as the top and bottom pieces of the parcel (see diagram).


Sew the ribbon strip in place between the upper and lower parcel sections. Pressing seams away from the strip as shown.


Place the 11½" strip across the middle of the parcel, and sew upper and lower parcel sections as shown.


TIP: if using a directional print check each of the parcel pieces is the right way around.


Each Parcel quilt block measures 11½” x 11½”.




Piecing the Quilt top 

Place parcel blocks 3 x 3, turning some of them so that they are on their side.


Join blocks and sashing row by row. Then sew rows and sashing together. Press quilt top.














Making the parcel tags


Print out the tag template here (.pdf file), and cut out.


   If using EQ Printables - Print out parcel tag text here onto EQ    

   printable sheet. Peel off plastic baking. Place bondaweb rough

   side to wrong side of EQ Printable and press for a few



   If embroidering tags - Embroider names or phrases onto plain

   off-white fabric. Place bondaweb rough side to wrong side of

   fabric and press for a few seconds.


Using the tag pattern, cut out the cloth tags.


Peel off paper backing from the bondaweb. Position tags onto quilt top and press. Machine applique or hand sew to secure.


Your quilt top is now complete!



Layer and Quilt - Layer the backing, wadding and quilt top, baste, then use your preferred method of quilting, hand or machine.


TIP. Quilt in the ditch around the outside of each parcel to make them really stand out. Quilt little bows on each parcel for a finishing touch.



Binding – Join four 2 ½” strips to form a long piece of binding. Fold binding in half, then placing cut edges alongside edges of quilt-top sew in place.


Fold binding over to enclose edges of quilt and hand stitch binding to back of quilt.


Your Packages Tied Up with String Quilt is complete!


Happy holidays x



Packages Tied up with String Quilt

Take a bundle of prints, a simple block pattern, a handful of cloth parcel tags, and you have yourself a “Packages Tied Up with String Quilt.” Personalise the tags to make your parcels extra special x

Honeybeelogo_160x141px Packages_tied_up_with string_HoneybeeCloths Packages_tied_up_with string title Packages tied up with string diagram Tags Packages block cutting Packages block piecing diagram Quilting Packages tied up with string Packages_tied_up_with_string section Packages tied up with string

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